Hiring The Right Painting Contractor

Hiring the right painting contractor is just as important as selecting the perfect paint colors. If high quality paints are correctly applied, a beautiful, long-lasting paint job that delivers continued satisfaction will result. By hiring the right painting contractor you can expect an experienced crew that will complete your job in a neat, timely and professional manner. Remember a contractor’s reputation and overall livelihood is built on referrals and they understand the value of high quality paint and how that is intertwined with customer satisfaction.

Best Practices for Hiring a Painting Contractor

With years of experience in this industry and thousands of customers, we have compiled a list of best practices for hiring the right painting contractor. By following these recommendations, we believe you will have the highest opportunity of success in your painting project.

  1. Meet With Each Contractor – Ask about the materials they use and if you can specify the paint you prefer. More important, do they favor using top-quality paint? For example, a high quality acrylic latex exterior paint can last up to 10 years or more, compared to only three or four years for ordinary paint.
  2. Check Credentials – After the initial meeting, check with the Better Business Bureau (909.825.7280) to make sure the contractor is reputable. Require proof of licensing and insurance – Make sure a contractor is licensed. Ask to see the license and check with the California Contractors State License Board (800.321.2752) to verify the licensee’s status. Don’t even consider hiring a painter who is not bonded and doesn’t carry insurance & worker’s comp since you could be liable if a painter or any of their crew is injured while working on your job.
  3. Client References – Former clients are a great source of information. Request at least three references and ask to speak to them.
  4. Get Detailed, Written Estimates – After a walk-through with each contractor, request a bid from at least three. Be sure to inform the contractors that there are other bids on the table. Require they break down the cost of materials and labor. To get equitable estimates, ask that the contractors submit bids based on the same materials and level of workmanship including:
    • Specification of exact work to be done in all areas
    • Details as to products being used
    • Completion date, cost and payment terms
  5. Written Contract – You and your painting contractor should both sign a written contract that spells out important details like specifics on surface preparation, the exact paint to be applied and payment terms
  6. Good Communication – An open dialogue with your painting contractor will ensure you are up-to-date on the project and it allows your contractor to make project or product recommendations.

Painter Referrals

Should you need referrals for painters or other craftsmen, we have compiled a list of reliable contractors and would be happy to provide these to you as part of our service.

5 thoughts on “Hiring The Right Painting Contractor”

  1. I like that you suggest looking at former client reviews while choosing a contractor. My brother is opening a small business in our home town, so I have been looking into what he needs to be done before the building is finished. I will send this information over to him, so he can make sure to start looking at commercial painting companies.

    1. Thanks Benjamin for your comments and good luck to your brother on his new business venture!

  2. It’s great you talked about how to look for the right contractual team to paint your house, as well as checking the validity of their credentials as well as their licenses to make sure it’s all up to date. Another thing to consider is that they should be able to readily answer questions that you might ask when they come over to give an estimate of how much and how long it would take for them to complete a project. If I had a chance of looking for a qualified contractual team then I would want to make sure that they’re properly registered so that I can have the assurance that they would get the job done right.

  3. Your advice to ask contractors about the materials they use and to check if you can choose the paint to use is a good idea. Before calling or meeting them, it would probably be a good idea to research local contractors online. This could give you the opportunity to learn about their reputation and the interior painting services they offer so you can get answers to questions about their material and work in order to come up with questions more specific to your situation.

  4. I really like how you recommended signing a written contract with your prospective painting contractor. My sister works for an accounting firm that is in the process of renovating their building so that they can draw in new clients. They will have to be sure to sign a contract with whatever painting company they choose to hire for their services.

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