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Choosing Paint Colors Is What We Do - The Color Coach Palm Desert
Choosing Paint Colors Is What We Do!
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Choosing paint colors is what The Color Coach Palm Desert does for you. Our value to you is that we select definitive choices of paint colors that work together to create your desired look and coordinate your entire home in a one-time appointment.

Choosing the “perfect” paint color that ties everything together can be a mind-numbing process. We completely understand the frustration of going to the paint store, gathering paint samples, putting swatches on the wall and, time after time, nothing looks like you thought it would. Whether your style is retro, modern, contemporary, Asian or old world, The Color Coach knows how to pick the perfect paint color palettes and does it for each client using our proprietary 7 step method.

Choosing Paint Colors in 7 Steps

The Color Coach - 7 Steps to Choosing Your Paint Colors
The Color Coach - 7 Steps to Choosing Your Paint Colors

Our intent is to maximize your satisfaction by picking your paint colors in 7 simple steps. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, your paint color palette selection is accomplished with a one-time visit of about 1-3 hours.

STEP 1 – REVIEW YOUR PROPERTY & VISION and discuss your desired outcome. We come to your home or business and discuss the colors you love and those you do not.

STEP 2 – PROVIDE INFORMATION about how colors, lighting and finishes will work together and affect perceived paint colors

STEP 3 – EXPLORE various options to suit your personality and style

STEP 4 – SHOW SAMPLES of paint colors from large professional paint sample libraries

STEP 5 – CREATE PAINT COLOR PALETTES which are individualized for you

STEP 6 – COORDINATE PAINT COLORS of interior walls with flooring, fabrics, furnishings, artwork and harmonize exterior walls with elements such as roof, landscaping, surrounding environment. We make decisions on what to do with ceilings, where to transition the paint colors; whether to use accent walls, and how to address tricky architectural features and lighting challenges.

STEP 7 – RECOMMEND reliable painting contractors and trade craftsmen

after your paint colors are selected

Once your paint color palette is selected you will receive these added benefits:

Painter Worksheet

We provide you with a detailed worksheet indicating the exact paint colors to be used in each area by brand of paint, the paint color name & number, and the sheen for each room (i.e., bathrooms may have more sheen than other rooms for moisture protection, etc.).  The worksheet also helps your painter determine the proper quantities of each paint color chosen.

Professional Samples of Your Paint Color Palette

You will be provided with professional samples of your personalized paint color palette to help with color coordination of future purchases such as furniture, artwork, bedding and other accessories.

Painting Contractor Referrals

Should you need referrals for painting contractors or other trade craftsmen, we have reliable, licensed, insured & bonded contractors we would be happy to refer to you as part of our service.

Choosing Paint Colors - Special Notes


For best results, prior to scheduling your paint color consultation, The Color Coach Palm Desert recommends:

INTERIORS – Cabinets, counter-tops, flooring and tile should be installed for new or remodeled property.

EXTERIORS – The roof and other hardscapes (planters, sidewalks, patios, etc.) should be in place.


The Color Coach Palm Desert works closely with the premium paint manufacturers whose paint color libraries we use. Depending upon the paint manufacturer, discounts up to 37% are available on all paints & materials.

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