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Homeowners Association Paint Color Projects.

Homeowners Association Paint Color Projects

Homeowners Association paint color projects typically benefit their communities by keeping an overall cohesive, complimentary appearance. Depending on the Homeowners Association (HOA) size and philosophy, HOAs typically offer their homeowner members 3 or more paint color palette choices. So how does The Color Coach Palm Desert select Homeowners Association paint colors? The Color Coach Palm Desert uses a proven method of choosing paint colors for residential exteriors. We consider factors such as roof color, hardscapes, the association’s architectural detailing, windows and your surrounding area.

The Color Coach Palm Desert is experienced in working with Homeowner Associations and their boards. Once the paint color palettes are selected, professional paint color samples and portfolio worksheets for paint color placement are provided in written reports. Oral presentations are available upon request. Let us show you how a professional paint color selection will improve your communities’ appearance.

Homeowners Associations

Below is a representative sampling of our Homeowners Association paint color projects.

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