Dana Hilton

The Color Coach Palm Desert Co-owner

Dana Hilton, The Color Coach Palm Desert
Dana Hilton - Co-owner
The Color Coach Palm Desert

Dana Hilton – The Color Coach Palm Desert Co-owner, has assisted clients in the Coachella Valley with color questions and picking perfect paint color palettes since 2007.

Dana began with a designer career at Nordstrom. What does designer apparel, Nordstrom and The Color Coach have in common? It’s all about color… whether advising her clients on their most flattering fashion options or on achieving the perfect paint color palette for impeccable home design.

With over 15 award-winning years of experience in color, merchandising and fashion design, Dana’s exemplary customer service and expertise has resulted in a loyal following. Dana has professional training in the use of color working directly with American and European designers and was personally trained by Paula DeMars, founder of The Color Coach. It is Dana’s belief that “color extends to every aspect of your life. Color is exciting and that is why we love it. It is my job to find exactly the right paint colors for your home.”

She now provides her expertise and knowledge to homeowners and businesses throughout the Coachella Valley. Dana believes that creating environments that are calming, harmonious and appealing through the use of paint color is an integral and primary point of design. Dana says “color is more than just knowing undertones, it’s getting to know your client and what’s right for them. The end result – knowing that my client’s home looks fabulous and that they are entirely satisfied. Remember, the world is not black and white… it is color that defines you and your home!

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